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RBR50 Cert errors everywhere


RBR50 Cert errors everywhere

Hi there!


I have an older Orbi environment (1 x RBR50, 2 x satellites) that are currently running FW V2.7.3.22.


Xfinity internet service, older modem. 


I have started to get cert errors intermittently on wireless devices (win10, win11, macos, ios, chromeos) that I can't ignore / move past. Sometimes a reboot fixes it. Sometimes it doesn't. 


A wired device (appletv) connected directly to the router worked fine. 



Subject: www .    routerlogin .   net

Issuer: www .    routerlogin .    net

Expires on: Jan 6, 2031

Current date: Feb 18, 2022


From my limited Google-fu, routerlogin . net is a netgear hostname, with some reports that they didn't renew it or something.


This blockage renders devices unusable online, which is tough when you and your spouse are still WFH. 


Thoughts, aside from throw it away and move on to something more modern? 



Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: RBR50 Cert errors everywhere

Sorry for the double post. Am tethered to my phone and the connection hung when posting. 

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