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Re: RBR50 Change to AP mode

RBR50 Change to AP mode

I have an RBR50 with two matching RBS50 satellites.

They are in a mesh configuration (no Ethernet backhaul).

The RBR50 is currently connected directly to my cable modem and is the router on my network.


I recently purchased a standalone dedicated router and want to use that as my primary router.

My understanding is that NetGear calls it "AP Mode" when you have a separate device as a router on your network.


What would be the recommended procedure for migrating my Orbi router and satellites from "Router" mode to "AP" mode?


I am thinking something like this:

  1. Individually factory reset the RBR50 router and RBS50 satellites
  2. Disconnect all of the Orbi's from power
  3. Configure new router LAN settings (DHCP, etc)
  4. Connect the new router's WAN port to the cable modem
  5. Restart cable modem
  6. Verify Internet connectivity on new router
  7. Connect RBR50 to new router's LAN port and power on
  8. Connect to the RBR50 and use the setup assistant to place the RBR50 in AP mode
  9. Configure the RBR50 wi-fi settings
  10. Test Wi-Fi
  11. Power up Orbi satelites and connect to the RBR50

Does that look right?

Do I need to factory reset the RBR50 and the RBS50's, or can I just change the mode?




Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: RBR50 Change to AP mode

Thanks for the link, but all it really says is how to enable AP mode. I wanted to know if I have to factory reset the router and/or the satelites as well, since it already has a running config.

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Re: RBR50 Change to AP mode

No you don't. 

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