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RBR50 Maxing out at 200mbps


RBR50 Maxing out at 200mbps

Hello. I saw posts with other users experiencing speed issues with their Orbi systems. I have an RBR50 with one satelitte and just upgraded my internet to 400mbps from my ISP. Running a speed test from inside the Orbi I get 450mpbs but running a speed test from the Wi-Fi I only see 250mbps. If I cable into the Orbi I can get 450mbps so there is something in the Wi-Fi that is not functioning correctly. I just reset the Orbi and saw no change after running through the setup dialog and keeping all the default settings. If anyone can provide any assitance or advice that would be great.

Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: RBR50 Maxing out at 200mbps

You might not get much faster over wifi. 

The orbi devices are great at average throughput throughout a home. but they aren't going to give you the same peak speeds as a single router flagship solution. 

The other deal with it is most of wifi performance is device dependant. If your device you're testing on is only a 1x1 antenna solution, its not going to have the same speed as a 2x2 antenna solution. 

What firmware are you on for both satellite and router? 

Is your device connected to the satellite or to the router? 

Have you checked it if makes a difference? 

What device are you testing with? 

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