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RBR50 Moving Countries


RBR50 Moving Countries

Seeking configuration advice from NG community.



Permanently relocated 3 months ago with my Orbi RBR50 (router + satellite) from:

Qatar (original configuration network = Ooredoo)


Australia (current residential network = Dodo)


My current dilemma?

I wish to connect Orbi to my new residential network and boost WiFi coverage throughout my apartment.


What have I done?

I have downloaded Orbi android app onto my phone, and have connected my router to my internet modem and sync'ed my satellite. I have progressed through the set-up steps until I reach "Orbi Network Not Found".


What to do now in terms of re-configuring my Orbi RBR50 to my new residential network?


Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: RBR50 Moving Countries

Given that this is a "new environment", there is little harm in doing a Factory Reset on the Orbi.



After this is done, connect the Orbi to the internet modem.

The Orbi WiFi SSID and password should be what is printed on the product label (on the bottom).

The Orbi web interface (using a web browser) will have user name "admin" and password "password".

I (personally) prefer to use the web interface.  I you really (seriously) insist on using the Orbi "app", then connect the Android device to the Orbi WiFi and open the Orbi app.  It should take it from there.

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Re: RBR50 Moving Countries

As well as that sound advice from @CrimpOn, there can be wrinkles in moving countries. Sometimes the "drop down" that allows you to pick where you are in various settings, especially wifi regions, is greyed out.


This is especially true of devices sold in the USA, where FCC rules prohibit the use of some wifi wavelengths.Kit sold elsewhere usually doesn't have the same "big brother" state interference.


It probably doesn't matter, and may not even affect you, but if you do hit that brick wall come back. There are ways around it.



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