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RBR850 NEST camera disconnections


RBR850 NEST camera disconnections


Any ideas as to why my nest cameras keep disconnecting constantly? I have 2 outdoor ones and two indoor plus a Hello. I tried the settings suggested elsewhere in the forum but no luck. I also noticed the cameras connecting to the wrong sattelite. My driveway camera for example connecte to the kitchen router at the back of the house when the living room sat is only less than 5 meters away. Same with the nest hello some times. Rebooting the camera and the router helps for a while but really annoying.

I am contemplating switching to Arlo Pro 3 as they are reduced at the moment ( and I can buy multiple base stations if needed) but I prefer the nest option.

At the moment I am getting multiple disconnections per day....in the hundreds I would say.

I live in then UK so house is not that massive...only about 1400 sq ft.

Any ideas ?
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Re: RBR850 NEST camera disconnections

You may want to post your questions here



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Re: RBR850 NEST camera disconnections

Thanks...just did exactly that!
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