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RBS 75 dropping backhaul to 2.4Ghz


RBS 75 dropping backhaul to 2.4Ghz



I just got my Orbi RBR/RBS 750 today. I have two Satellites. My issue is that Backhaul seams to drop down to 2.4Ghz from 5Ghz. After a power cycle it's at 5Ghz for a good few minutes - enought to make a speed test and see that it is working. Then it just drops to 2.4Ghz and never comes back.


I've moved the RBS closer and further away and I haven't seen much difference. This happend to both satalittes but seams to have stopped now for one of them.


This is really annoying because it causes a significant speed drop when connected to the RBS on 2.4Ghz backhaul. (goes from 250MBps to 150MBps).


Firmware: V3.2.16.22_1.4.9
Placment: Placed in an L shape with the Router in the knee and the Satellites at the ends. Router placed in a server cabinet. Distance has been experimented with - anywhere from 6 to 10 meters - it does not create much difference other than the connection drops to Fair at 10m.
Screenshot 2021-02-05 at 01.05.19.png
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Re: RBS 75 dropping backhaul to 2.4Ghz

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