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Re: RBS50/RBR50 won't detect proven good ethernet cable backhaul


RBS50/RBR50 won't detect proven good ethernet cable backhaul

Hi guys and gals. Have a simple RBR50 - RBS50 router/satellite system. Works fine on 5 GHz backhaul. Will not detect ethernet cable for ethernet backhaul. Tested ethernet cable directly into TV and it works fine at the satellite end, so I know the brand new cat6 cable is fine. But the Orbi system keeps on showing 5 GHz backhaul on "connected devices" on browser interface; never shows ethernet backhaul -- no matter how many reboots I do or how long I wait. Using the latest firmware.


Please help!

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Re: RBS50/RBR50 won't detect proven good ethernet cable backhaul

Make sure the RBS are wirelessly and fully synced first over wireless.

Make sure ethernet connections are as follows:

https://kb.netgear.com/000051205/What-is-Ethernet-backhaul-and-how-do-I-set-it-up-on-my-Orbi-WiFi-Sy... 📡 ‌‌🛰


Ensure FW is up to date on the RBS and RBR.

Ensure your using good quality LAN cables. CAT6 is recommended.

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Re: RBS50/RBR50 won't detect proven good ethernet cable backhaul

Sometimes it is helpful to double check things, and it is fortunate that Orbi satellites are portable.  What happens when the satellite is moved into the same location as the router and connected to the router with an Ethernet cable?  Does it show up as 'WiFi 5G" at first and then after 5-10 minutes (and refreshing the display) does it change to 'wired'?  If it will not change to 'wired' with this connection, this makes it less likely that the cable is an issue.


p.s. While I doubt that firmware version is pertinent to this issue, new firmware was released for the RBR50 a year ago (Feb, 2023) but comments on the forum appear to indicate that the Firmware Update feature of the web interface does not detect it.  Could you please check and see what the current firmware release number is and what the Firmware Update feature says about it?

(The latest firmware is v2.7.5.4  https://kb.netgear.com/000065539/RBR50-RBS50-Firmware-Version-2-7-5-4 )


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