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RBS50 as a wireless bridge?


RBS50 as a wireless bridge?

Is it possible to use the RBS50 as a wireless bridge? I'm asking because I need to use one of my RBS50s very close to my RBR50 and it seems that leaving them both on causes devices to drop off of the network, so, I was hoping to use one RBS50 as a bridge (for a HTPC, Tivo and PS4) and leave the wifi turned on at the router.  Thanks in advance.

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Re: RBS50 as a wireless bridge?

The RBS50 functions as a wireless bridge by default--just with an AP built-in. I believe you can turn off the 2.4GHz radio but not the 5gHz radio, because that radio is also used for the backhaul (which you need for the bridge function).


If your devices are very close together can you run a wire?

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Re: RBS50 as a wireless bridge?

Thanks for answering the question I meant to ask! Unfortunately, I cannot wire everything together. It's a finished basement with a drywall ceiling and the Verizon router needs to sit in the corner where the fuse box is and the cable comes into the house, I have the RBR50 over there, and then I need the satellite in the entertainment center, which is in the center of the room. Cutting out a satellite ended a lot of my disconnects, but now I have this new problem.
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Re: RBS50 as a wireless bridge?

you used to be able to turn off the 2.4 and 5 gig wifi and just have the 5 gig backhaul working and make it just a media bridge but for some reason the dev team have removed the ability to switch of the other wifi transmissions so it cant be done any more 


it does however seem you have the orbi router and sat way to close and is why you would be having connectiviuty issues with the transmissions overlapping to much 

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