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Re: Remote access to home network via Orbi...?


Remote access to home network via Orbi...?

I would like to access devices (NAS, IP cameras etc) on my home network when I am away from home.


I'm sure there must be some instructions on how to do this! Could somebody point me in the right direction please?


All our household tech is Apple.

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Re: Remote access to home network via Orbi...?

The Orbi kit provided to Digital Trends consisted of two nearly identical devices. One unit was labeled as the router, and the other unit as the satellite. At first glance, they were indistinguishable in appearance save for the temporary clear plastic band wrapped around the top displaying their intended purpose.

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Re: Remote access to home network via Orbi...?

Are you using the orbi as your router, or an Apple unit? You have to have a bunch of things working to access your home network.


Do you have a dynamic IP service? You need to have a way to find your network when your ISP changes your IP address. Usually you create a URL and use DYN or similar.

Then you need to set static IP addresses behind your router for the devices you want to connect to. You also need to probably have port forwarding set up as appropriate.


If you are not savvy, get some help from a geeky friend.

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