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Re: Removing orbi completely


Removing orbi completely

Good morning.  My husband (who recently passed away) purchased the RBR10 Whole House WiFi network (mesh) system (which is not listed in the menu of models above) to replace the Linksys system in our house.  I followed directions provided but had issues setting it up, so I called the Customer Service Department yesterday to ask for help (which is free for 90 days) but was told that they would not help me until I purchased an Advanced Firewall Network for $130.00.  Needless to say I concluded that call.  A FB message to the company is still unanswered and I still get the same (N-Solutions) company that I spoke to yesterday when I called today, who indicate that they are the CS company for orbi/netgear.


I would like to completely remove the system from my computer but am unable to. 

Can anyone assist?


Thank you. 

Model: RBR20|Orbi AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: Removing orbi completely

To start off with, I'm sorry for your loss. 

Secondly, most people google for a netgear number. Its not listed. Most people get scam/con sites. 

To get a hold of support. Click on "MyNetgear" at the top.
Register an account (or login) and then the device.
From there you can start the support process. Keep in mind that its only free for the first 90 days.

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Re: Removing orbi completely

Thanks so very much for your response.  Since the system I have is from 2019, they will not support it.  I figured out how to remove it and I'll move on.


Have a great day.

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