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Re: Ring Door Bell/Orbi issues


Ring Door Bell/Orbi issues

I have put up with the problem with Live View for two years caused by some issue between my Orbi and my three Ring Doorbell cameras.  Works fine except Live View does not work after the doorbells disconnect fromt the network.  I realize this is a power saving feature for the battery on the Ring device but I have all three hard-wired and don't need that feature.  Attempts to get Netgear and Ring to do the unheard of and actually work together to fix the problem and publish a fix (firmware upgrade, whatever) have failed.   I have tinkered with the router settings endlessly and sometimes it works for awhile, usually after the router and doorbells are rebooted but then the same problem comes back.   Has anyone found a permanent solution other than changing equipment.   My next move is to abandon my investment in Ring and Netgear equipment and buy equipment and devices from other companies. Once you lose my business, i will never be back.

Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: Ring Door Bell/Orbi issues

It seems that you have located the fault to be related to power saving feature in the Ring cameras?

I have both battery and wired security cameras and I have no issues with them as part of my Orbi network.

  1. For me, issues appear only when the wifi connection is back, for example when the camera connects to the far satellite rather then the near router. Are you sure you have a good coverage around the cameras?
  2. Another thing to check if you have multiple routers in your network that can cause connectivity issues?


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Re: Ring Door Bell/Orbi issues

You might review this thread as well:


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