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Ring Doorbell 2 + Orbi = Successful solution for live view (for me, and maybe for you)


Ring Doorbell 2 + Orbi = Successful solution for live view (for me, and maybe for you)

Hi everyone,


I would like to share how I was able to solve my issue with regards to getting live view to work between my Ring Doorbell 2 and my Orbi (RBR + RBS with latest firmware I'm also on an Android (S9+).


*** I simply set my motion zone detection to the minimum distance (I have also tried deactivating my motion zone completely, and it still worked). I know this takes away from some of the capabilities of the Ring Doorbell 2, however, at least now I can access live view consistently and almost immediately (about 2 seconds) ***


Also, I have noticed a direct correlation between the motion zone distance set, and the amount of time required to activate live view (to no access at all). As I increased the motion zone distance setting, it took longer for live view to work. At maximum motion zone distance, live view never worked on the first go...I would have to hit reconnect multiple times for it to finally show.


This lone change in the Ring setting seems to have fixed my live stream. I have been reading on this forum for the past 2 years; I've tried setting up an AP; I've moved my router (RBR) closest to the Ring Doorbell 2; I've followed so many tutorials changing this setting and that in my Orbi router; I have created two SSIDs via telnet on previous firmware, NOTHING worked. Just the other day, I was reading on another forum, and one person mentioned how turning off one motion zone did the trick for him, I figured what do I have to lose? After adjusting motion zones settings from maximum distance down to minimum distance (it has now been a couple of days since I made the change), I can still access my live view within 2 seconds, CONSISTENTLY. I will increase the distance marginally to see at which point is optimal whereby it will then begin to negatively affect the amount of time required to activate live view.


2) Other settings I followed from other people's suggestions (but am not sure if it contributed to my success...knock on wood it will remain successful), did not solve the live view issue on their own, however, I still have some of those settings in place WITH setting my motion zone detection to the minimum distance. My current Orbi settings include:

- I am on channel 6 on my 2.4ghz

- I have disabled WMM on both bands

- I have disabled MU-MIMO

- I have disabled fast roaming

- I have an SSID and the password with just letters and numbers (no symbols etc...)

- My Orbi Satellite has a static IP

- My Ring Doorbell 2 has a static IP


3) My Ring Doorbell 2 is about 2 meters away from my satellite, and the Ring Doorbell 2 is connected to my satellite.


I had just recently purchased and returned the Ring Pro b/c of the ongoing issue of not getting live stream to work consistently. The "wired/non-battery operated" factor did not solve my issue when accessing live view (however, I did not try the change in the motion zone setting b/c I did not know of this solution at that time... perhaps it could have worked with the Ring Pro as well). I also did not enjoy the 2-3 second delay in my mechanical chime ringing when the doorbell button was depressed.


It has been 2 years of frustration for me. I know many have said you can only get live view to work by setting up an AP with the use of another router, but that still didn't work for me. As well, I bought the Orbi just so I can place the satellite close to the Ring Doorbell 2 for optimal Ring performance...and to end up having to use a third piece of hardware simply doesn't seem right in my mind.


I now have live view working while connected to my Orbi, without the need of another router as an AP, or the Chime Pro.  I hope this works for you.


Good luck.

Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: Ring Doorbell 2 + Orbi = Successful solution for live view (for me, and maybe for you)

One other thing I’d like to add: their latest generation of all products seem to have zero issues with orbi. I ended up spinning up an old airport express for my video doorbell 2’s and an older 2nd gen stickup battery cam. The newer cameras stay connected to the Orbi and live view works without issue.
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Re: Ring Doorbell 2 + Orbi = Successful solution for live view (for me, and maybe for you)

That's some good news! 

I wonder if the Ring Doorbell 3/3 plus, has the live view issues. Another issue I had when I briefly tried the Ring Pro, was that it would NOT connect to the 5Ghz band, even with the Orbi satellite just 2 meters away. 


Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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