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SNMP on RBR50v2 and RBS50v2?


SNMP on RBR50v2 and RBS50v2?

I searched the forum for "SNMP", yet most "can't do" answers are left from 2017, and since then there have been many NOs that turned into YESes by hardware/software updates. So, I'll refresh the question...

The online PDF manual for RBRxx & RBSxx says, on the many pages under the title "default settings" that "SNMP: Disabled". That seems to mildly indicate that there might be a way, now or in the future, to enable it. I have just bought RBK50v2, all set up, works, happy, etc. It is a large house (I bought TWO RBK50v2!), so I am also replacing my misc ~15 year old unmanaged Netgear switches with Netgear's "Smart Managed Pro" 8/16/24-port switches. These are switches that implement the "SNMP v1/v2c and v3" for discovery & management by tools like LanTopoLog (https://www.lantopolog.com/) as well as more professional LAN mapping software (like, SolarWinds etc). So, I was wondering if the Orbi routers and sattelites will be visible in these topology maps when I am all done wiring up the stuff. I have looked at ORBI's router admin pages for settings, but nothing screamed as SNMP; maybe it is labeled as something different.

I know that orbilogin.com shows a list of the devices on the network, and I appreciate that VERY much; I already spent hours properly assigning friendly names to all the devices on my network. But a list is not a topology, and the iPhone app just showing which Orbi is connected to which other Orbi via wired or wireless is also not LAN topology. I want to see what device is connected to which switch/router/satelite either wirelessly or wired, and which port, if wired.

Upfront thanks for any insight about the current and future state of SNMP on Orbi.


Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: SNMP on RBR50v2 and RBS50v2?


I would contact NG support for help and information on SNMP. 


If your using any managed switches, besure to disable IGMP protocols on these switchs. Users have mentioned this causes problems with Orbi. Along with green tech ethernet switches are not recommended. 

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Re: SNMP on RBR50v2 and RBS50v2?

Following up on this old post because hoping that someone made some progress with it? I'd love to be able to see network traffic per device and it seems I need to enable SNMP to do this. 

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Re: SNMP on RBR50v2 and RBS50v2?

As far as I know, none of the Orbi products have ever had a feature to collect usage information by device.  Nor do they include the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).  In other words.  No chance in hell.

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Re: SNMP on RBR50v2 and RBS50v2?

@CrimpOn Thanks so much for the reply. Any ideas for how to do this (without having to buy a router that does support SNMP and running the Orbi's in AP mode)? I've been poking around and so far I've tried:

  1. Little Snitch - only monitors the traffic per app on the device it is running 
  2. PeakHour4 - requires SNMP
  3. SolarWinds - for windows only and also requires SNMP
  4. PRTG - doesn't require SNMP but requires a windows machine (I'm on a Mac) 

Seems like the odds are stacked against me. Any advice you have would be very much appreciated 


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Re: SNMP on RBR50v2 and RBS50v2?

Sorry to have been so terse.  I, also, am frustrated that other vendors include this feature and Netgear does not.  It may be possible to accomplish this by running software directly on the Orbi router.  I tried internet searches along the lines of "Linux... network... traffic by device" and quickly got in over my head.  (For example: https://phoenixnap.com/kb/linux-network-bandwidth-monitor-traffic )


I had hoped that Voxel's third party firmware (for only the RBR50 series) would have the capability, but it does not.  What Voxel does have is the ability to load more software and preserve it across a reboot.  (With the Netgear firmware, when the router reboots the entire operating system is refreshed from read-only memory and anything the user might have done gets erased.)



So, if a person can figure out how to make one of those tools work, it can be added to the router Linux software.


A "poor substitute" is to use the LAN/WAN capture feature on the debug page to capture everything that goes through the router for an hour and them use the Wireshark feature to Show Conversations to see which device is communicating with which.  If internet access is the primary subject, I have had luck with monitoring the router-modem link and collecting everything that goes across the link into a Wireshark file for analysis.


This is not a trivial project.

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