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Re: Satellite dropping after power outage


Satellite dropping after power outage

I have been through three different Orbi kits. I have frequent issues with Satellites becoming disconnected. The latest issue is after a power outage yesterday I could not connect all three satellites (I have 3 RBK20 Sats).

I called tech support and they wanted me to plug Ethernet cable into each satellite to see which one was not showing up in the router log in page. This process took over an hour so I got off the phone. Finally I did factory reset to router but could not get one of the satellites to work with the Ethernet connection. After the second reset it seemed to work, but the Ethernet connnect still seems to go in and out oddly.

Took about 4 hours of unplugging and resetting, testing connections on each satellite. While the issue was happening each satellite would appear and then disappear frequently on the Orbi login page. However all the devices connected to satellites were showing up. I had a nethear nighthawk before this and NEVER had an issue but of course does not get the same range.

This is the second Orbi kit that I have had this same issue with after the power cut out. Is this a known issue? Could plugging in Sonos or smart TV’s effect into the satellite Ethernet port cause a connection issue?

I’m very frustrated with the buggy system....but when it works...it’s super fast. At the point of moving to Google WiFi. Any thoughts?
Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Satellite dropping after power outage

You should never hard wire more than one Sonos device. When I plugged a second Sonos device into my satellite it crashed the Orbi network.

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