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Re: Satellite really slow-says wired!!


Satellite really slow-says wired!!

Since the update to latest FW, my speed has dropped dramatically. 

Something weird is happening, one of the satellites (the one downstairs) says "Connection type: wired" instead of 5G like the other, that is not possible...I use star topology (daisy chain off) via wifi (the router is in mid level and satellites-2 units-are based downstairs and upstairs). I also notice that the IP of that satellite is changing quite a lot. 

Any help?

I tried to factory reset the problematic satellite but notings works...


Model: RBK50| Orbi AC3000 High-Performance Tri-Band WiFi System
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Re: Satellite really slow-says wired!!

The satellite that has slow speeds is it on the wireless and the wired connection? Have you tried to re position the satellite?



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Re: Satellite really slow-says wired!!

The slow satellite says "connection type: wired", but it is simply not possible since there is no other cable attached to it than the power one. 

I cannot position it anywhere else given the installation.

When checking the firmware version on Advance Menu-Firmware update, I see that router and satellites are on V2.1.2.18 but the status of the slow one says "Please wait a moment" a never changes, while the router and other satellite say "No new firmware version available".

I also tried to connect to slow satellite through its IP address I saw for that satellite on "Attached devices menu" and I couldn´t...then I went to manual firmware update and the IP address differed from the one in attached devices menu.

Thanks for your help

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Re: Satellite really slow-says wired!!

Adding to my previous post...I have spent some time on the Netgear Orbi advance setup page, and I see that the IP of the slow satellites jumps constantly...


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Re: Satellite really slow-says wired!!

As already suggested, move the satellite (and/or move the router) to get a better backhaul connection, and see if that stabilizes the connection.

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