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Re: Second satellite ring LED blue and amber


Second satellite ring LED blue and amber

Since updating the router firmware my second satellite sometimes shows a blue ring led followed by an amber led. It seems to cycle back to an off led for a few minutes followed by blue and Amber.  A speed check shows a much slower connection but I don't know if that's because I'm farther away from the first satellite and router or if the second satellite isn't working well. What's up? 

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Re: Second satellite ring LED blue and amber


Based on several reports here, it sounds like the latest firmware might have reduced the maximum range between the outer and satellites.  Could be related to whatever was changed to improve stability.


Move the problem satellite closer to the router.

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Re: Second satellite ring LED blue and amber

You could be right. It infuriates me when OEMs list the "improvements" to their firmware but fail to list something like, "will decrease the range of our device." It's like when apps say, "bug fixes" when really they've removed some major feature or implemented some commercial tracking feature. 

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