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Security cameras


Security cameras

I have several arlo security cameras that I bought (8 of them) and I just had uverse provide me a upload speed of 5 megabytes and 45 megabytes of download speed.  They actually had to come out and switch out my router and their boxes........


Anyways I notice when I hooked up all the arlo cameras the pictures were very very delayed looking at the live view app, very glitchy and the over all performance was not great and I am guess because of the wifi and it being overwhelmed with all my wifi stuff that's going on in my house.  When I hooked up 1 camera it was ok but 7 more cameras was horrible.  I actually just took the cameras back because it was no good.


My question is will the orbit router fix these slow,delayed,glitchy problems with security cameras?  Orbit says it supposed to provide the maximum wifi speed to each device.  If that's the case I should not get bad performances with these camera.  Does anybody have wifi cameras and uses Orbitz.  I currently don't have "dead zones" in my house and my speed test shows over 30 Mbps download speed and right around 5 mbps of upload speed in my house so I don't think coverage is the issue. 


Please keep in mind I am slowly converting my home into a smart home.  Currently I am use Samsung smarthub to run my lights (about 30 different switches), my 2 ac thermostats, I probably have at least 8 wifi devices running like computers/phones/iPads/printers going on at once plus uverse wifi cable box and Apple TV hooked up.  



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Re: Security cameras

hi i have the arlo plus and  no matter what router i use my live feed lag is always horrible and it comes down to my isp as when i use the canera on other wifi networks with those same routers it works as expected


havnt found out the reason yet as my isp are a bunch of o/s tools that read from scripts in broken english


here im in australia on optusnet and fttp 100/40M fiber

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Re: Security cameras

I have 4 Arlo cameras ( not pro), a RING, two smart TVs, a Nest Protect, 4  iPhones and 1 laptop. 

so far no lagging issues. I have to admit that Arlo and Ring were never too fast on the response, but the image quality is pretty good. 

I think security cameras are now starting to get better, but in my opinion, it will take another 2 or 3 years to get to a point where battery, image and response time are closer to optimal. 


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