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Should I just trash the Orbi and go back to Asus?


Should I just trash the Orbi and go back to Asus?

Spent $400 on this Orbi AC3000, and the past few months it seems Netgear has crippled this router, to where I can no longer trust it. Started crashing 1-2x a day a few months ago, and now anywhere from 5-10x a day with the last few firmware updates.

I have so much experience and know how flashing DDWRT on most of my previous routers, so it was nice to buy the Orbi and it just worked.

Sadly, that is no longer, with all the latest firmware making this Orbi Router utterly useless.

I feel like just throwing this Orbi in the trash to be honest. The past few months have been to worst wifi experience I have ever, well, experienced.

Do I just take the loss and move on to the ASUS, or stay in there and suffer until Netgear makes this router great again, if ever?

Should I just buy the Asus AC5400 or even the Asus RoG-AC5400 and move on?

What would you do?
Model: RBK50| Orbi AC3000 High-Performance Tri-Band WiFi System
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Re: Should I just trash the Orbi and go back to Asus?

I tested more than 100 routers.

What i can say about asus is ok router, but DNS proxy is not so good.

I like orbi because with pppoe connection i have >900mbps, i have almos 280mbps on old iphone, and  VOIP/4k streaming is working very well.


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