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Software bug discovered for rbr20 and rbs20 (rbk23) units on


Software bug discovered for rbr20 and rbs20 (rbk23) units on

Okay so this is long so I will first provide links to my findings 






Essentially if your PC or deivce is for example connected to the router and your printer is connected to one of your sattelites then you may have an issue where it won't print due to your deivce thinking that other device is offline. So you could ping the sattelite that is giving you the issue via CMD and it may give you a destanation host unreachable error on CMD yet the other sattelite will ping okay. If you where to have your pc/device connect to the sattleite instead of the router then it would print fine no issue.


So essentailly there is some kind of netowork discovery issue between the rbr20 and rbs20 units. The internet will work fine and such but as long as your device is connected to the router then it will have this issues vs it be connected to the sattelite. To those who have rbr20 and rbs20 units I ask to test your selves by having a your pc or tablet and ping the sattelites while connected to the router unit wired or wirelessly. If it does then ping the devices that are connected to that particular RBS unit and see if you get issues with ping time outs.


You may find no issue as I do not for most times but one of those deivces may give you this issue. So please any addiotial testers would be helpful for this. 


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Re: Software bug discovered for rbr20 and rbs20 (rbk23) units on

Edit: Apparently wired seems to be okay. I just connected my laptop to the router via ethernet and when I pinged the two other sattleite I didnt get any destanation host unreachable error. So it seems to happen only with you are wirelessy connected to the router and then try to ping the sattleites that gives the issue. Again this is bad for people who do a lot of data sharing. Internet works on all units its just this issue can be problamatic. 

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Re: Software bug discovered for rbr20 and rbs20 (rbk23) units on

So this still will happen even with wired. If I ping a device that is connected to another sattleite that is giving me the issue then it will give me the destanatio host unreachable. I can ping the sattleite but the deivce connected wirellessly won't ping. 

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Re: Software bug discovered for rbr20 and rbs20 (rbk23) units on

Very possibly related


In summary, I added a RBS20 to an existing RBK50 (RBR50+RBS50 setup)


While the Internet works fine for all devices (WAN-LAN), LAN communication between devices has gone for a total toss (which was not the case before.- and switching off the RBS20 resolves all the issues so the problem is definitely with the RBS20).

Been struggling with this for the last few day.
Several lost hours later, have got to a non optimal workaround ...
Unbelievable how bad Orbi QA is 😞

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