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Re: Squeezebox looses Wi-fi connection


Squeezebox looses Wi-fi connection

I had old router/wifi setup and my coverege was little spotty and wifi speeds were rather slow so I decided to upgrade my home setu.  I have purchased RBR750 ORBI setup (deal from Costco) and configured it.  Speeds and coverage are great, however one this is not working for me.  I have Logitech Squeezebox Radio (which I love and was working flawlessy before upgrading wifi) which connects to my wifi but then after few minutes looses the wifi connection.  The only way to reconnect to it is by restaring the Logitech Squeezebox Radio and connecting to wifi.  Any ideas in regards to the settings I should use so that device stay connected to wifi ?

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Re: Squeezebox looses Wi-fi connection

I have a few squeezeboixes too (radio, touch, boom) and also had issues with the wifi connectivity in the beginning.

Then I set the 2.4GHz wifi channel to 11 and this fixed my issues.

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Re: Squeezebox looses Wi-fi connection

Thanks for info


I made some changes.


Changed following in Wireless Setting

Enable AX - this WiFI mode will enable AX feature 

turn off Enable 2.4G


and changed 

2.4GHz Channel to 01

5GHz Channel to 48


And that squeezbox wifi stays connected.

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