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Success with Wired Backhaul on RBK50 with FW


Success with Wired Backhaul on RBK50 with FW

I have had my Orbi RBK50 system for a few weeks now and for much of that time I have been learning the pros and cons of the Orbi system, and have been keen to get a successful wired backhaul between the router and the satellite, and I think I have finally done it, but first some background.

My Orbis, out of the box, claimed that the lates firmware was a version of which I'm afraid I did not take note.  I downloaded FW versions and  I installed one, then uninstalled it, and installed the other, a couple of times, and have now settled on  Here's why.  I have four Lifx smart globes, which connect to Apple HomeKit.  When was installed,   Apple HomeKit kept disconnecting and reconnecting the Lifx bulbs, so I went back to, and so far Lifx and HomeKit are working together well.

At this point I should point out that I was still on wireless backhaul, so I decided to go for wired backhaul next.  Initially it failed, but then I rearranged my ethernet cables and finally achieved success.  My wired setup includes Cat6 between a small patch panel and the family room in which my Orbi satellite sits.  The family room cable terminates on a 5 port D-Link switch which hosts the Orbi Satellite, a smart TV, an Apple TV, and a Fetch TV STB.  At the other end in my study, the patch panel includes a cable to the family room, to which I connected a cable directly from one of the ports on the Orbi Router.  Success.  Now the Orbi router shows connection type wired for the sattelite, and everything seems stable.   

Model: RBK50| Orbi AC3000 High-Performance Tri-Band WiFi System
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Re: Success with Wired Backhaul on RBK50 with FW

Ethernet back haul was not working well on v2.1.x.x. Does work on v2.1.3.4.


Be advised there is newer v2.1.4.10 FW now for 50 series systems:



Up to you if you wanna try it. 

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