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The BT hub was useless wifi under 2mb my ORBI gets 70mb


The BT hub was useless wifi under 2mb my ORBI gets 70mb

I have been switched, my landline died a week ago and I can get no help to get it back. The BT hub was useless wifi under 2mb my ORBI gets 70mb, why on Earth would I go back? But all BT says is plug your phone into your BT hub. Surely BT should not be allowed to hold me hostage like this?


Their Digital Voice adaptor arrived today. I do not even understand what this is for, it only works with the BT Hub, if I had the BT Hub I could plug the phone into it anyway. So what is the point of the adaptor?


As anyone got a solution?

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Re: The BT hub was useless wifi under 2mb my ORBI gets 70mb

The BT web site appears to be saying that

  • The new equipment will arrive before the old service is removed.
  • Complete instructions will be provided.



BT also appears to have a community feature similar to this Netgear community forum where people might have information about options:



Perhaps if you describe the situation we amateurs could suggest how to ask questions of BT and the people on their forum:

  • Exactly what equipment do you have now?
    (Including from BT and Netgear)
  • How is it all connected?
    (I presume the landline telephone is connected to a wall outlet which no longer has a dial tone.)
    What is the Netgear router connected to?
    Is there any equipment from BT?

I have relatives (in the US) who have no land line at all.  We keep ours primarily because

  • We prefer speaking over a land line than a cell phone, and
  • Having had the same phone number for nearly 40 years we have no idea who would be "cut off" if we drop the number.
  • (Technically, we also have "no land line" because we dropped Pac Bell and switched the phone number to Spectrum cable because they offered a bundle of voice, internet, and TV.)

In the US, a person could transfer the land line phone number to a VOIP provider and connect the VOIP base station to the Netgear router and tell BT to "bugger off" (is that the correct phrase?) 

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Re: The BT hub was useless wifi under 2mb my ORBI gets 70mb

BT's website said that they would send new equipment. They sent me nothing before they cut off the landline.

I contacted them and apparently, they don't even understand the problem. They expect you to be using their Hub and cannot comprehend not using it. They sent me an adaptor. which needs to be connected to their hub too, so that is useless. I have the Openreach modem on the wall and the RBR850 plugged into that. What else can I say?


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Re: The BT hub was useless wifi under 2mb my ORBI gets 70mb

You could use Elon Musk's response, "Go f***  yourselves"


(Just kidding.  BT does not understand humor.)


Were there instructions with the adapter?  When ISPs provide telephone service, they often employ special features on the modem.  For example, I have Spectrum cable, which includes television, internet, and phone.  Only specific modems include the phone capability, so I cannot substitute just "any old modem".


This post seems to indicate that BT does something similar in the sense that the BT Hub contains a DECT basestation to support cordless phones.  It also suggests one of my solutions: abandon BT and move the phone number to a SIP provider.



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Re: The BT hub was useless wifi under 2mb my ORBI gets 70mb

@Blakej2 wrote:

What else can I say?


Not much in a place where children might be eavesdropping, although the suggestion from @CrimpOn is very tempting. There are many occasions when I have thought of responding to BT in those terms.


As yet there is no sign that they will wish Digital Voice on me. Too rural. But when they try it, I will be on the lookout for a different ISP that allows me to use my own hardware.



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