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Re: The dreaded Samsung Galaxy WIFI authentication error with ORBI


Re: The dreaded Samsung Galaxy WIFI authentication error with ORBI

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Both my sons phone Galaxy Note 10 and my Galaxy S8 Active both have these issues.   We use different types of common apps - nothing crazy.   Its a pain to reset phones and reload/restore and there are some apps that ATT has baked/locked into the phones that you cant remove.  Two other people in my house have have iphones - no issues.   

I havent tried some of these settings that I wanted to try:

Enable Implicit BEAMFORMING - Boosts WiFi speed, reliability, & range for all mobile devices <- This improves WIFI speeds

Enable MU-MIMO <- This improves network traffic handling

Disable Fast Roaming <- I don't like my devices jumping around just because a Sat WIFI signal gets stronger for a few seconds

Enable WMM <- Improves speed by optimizing shared network resource allocations 

I can guarantee this is not an Orbi issue. Orbi or any other mesh system, for that matter, does not pick and choose what device is allowed on the WIFI network. If the device is compatible with the standard WIFI, it will be able to login. 

If one device can get on the WIFI network, and/or get on the internet, and another device cannot, it is usually the fault of the device.

It's funny we are seeing problems with Galaxy phones. It's usually the iPhones that have serious connection problems, because of some recent firmware issues. I tried to duplicate it with a few of my Galaxy S9, 10, 20 notes and phones. I don't see an issue on any of them. I checked a few settings that might cause problems: we do not use WIFI calling, Data roaming is on, Network mode is LTE/3G/2G auto connect, WIFI and Bluetooth are always on, mobile hot spot is off unless needed, we are linked to Windows, no power modes used as all phones are set for maximum performance. The last item if set, may cause issues because of sleep functions and auto turn off of certain apps. 

So you can guarantee it?  Why have you doine extensive testing with a protovcol analyzer that show that the Samsung phones are specifically trying to authenticate with a non-compliant method?


Just fan boy nonsense.  It doesn't help anyone and makes the forum less useful.


You have no earthly idea if it is the Samsung phone or the Netgear router.  You are making assumptions.  Why would you assume the company that has a billion devicxes in service is wrong and the company with maybe less than a million Orbi routers in service is right?


Fanboy nonsense

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