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Using RBR50 as a Satellite?


Using RBR50 as a Satellite?

Hi all, 


Just bought the package online for the one satellite system, I'm concerned that it won't give me enough coverage for my home, to buy another RBS50 is expensive from what I can see, I can buy another RBR50/S50 Combo for cheaper than just buying one RBS50.


My question is can I use the RBR50 as a satellite with another RBR50?  Or does it have to be the main unit.  I'm thinking of buying a second set and then giving one of them to a friend who also has a large home.



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Re: Using RBR50 as a Satellite?

No, you cannot.

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Re: Using RBR50 as a Satellite?

You could buy another RBK50, use the second RBS50 satellite for yourself, and then give the RBR50 router to someone else, I suppose. There's not really any point to giving someone else an RBS50 if they don't already have an Orbi, because the functionality of it is very limited by itself. But you could probably buy one of the other satellites (you don't have to only use an RBS50 with the RBR50 included in the RBK50 kit; you can use any of the satellites as long as you don't mix pro and regular items) for less than the cost of an RBK50 kit, I'm assuming. Also, before you go buying anything else, you could set up the RBK50 and see what your coverage is like, and maybe try putting the satellite in different locations before you go buying any additional units.Capture.PNG

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