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Using old Asus router to extend Orbi to basement


Using old Asus router to extend Orbi to basement

I have been using an Orbi router and satellite to provide wifi throughout the main floor of my house and it has been working great. However we just got done finishing out our basement and the current wifi signals aren't very strong down there. My home (including the basement) is wired with Cat 5e throughout, all connected to a patch panel into a 24 port Dell smart switch in a closet under my stairs. The Orbi WAN port is connected to my incoming fiber line and the LAN port is connected to the switch.


In order to provide a stronger wifi signal downstairs I have an Asus AC68U router available that I would like to repurpose rather than buy another satellite. Can I just put the Asus downstairs (set to AP mode)  and hardwire it into my current network using the same SSID as the Orbi? Would I need to set the channels manually or could i use the "auto channel" feature on the Asus? 


Also, since I have the house wired should I be using a wired backchannel between the orbi router and it's satellite? In earlier firmwares I know it had it's problems - have they been worked out? 



Model: RBR20|Orbi AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: Using old Asus router to extend Orbi to basement

YEs you could use the ASUS as a wired AP. Keep the channels far appart from the Orbi channels. I would try a different SSID at first to see how it works. Then try using the same SSID name. 


Yes you can use the wired ethernet connection for RBS. Direct connection is recommended. Use of switch can be used, however managed or green ethernet feature supporting switches are known to cause problems inbetween the RBR and RBS. 



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