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Re: Very slow read/write speeds to NAS


Very slow read/write speeds to NAS

I have the latest firmware installed (V2.0.0.74) installed on Orbi (RBR50), with NAS connect to the router and iMac to the satellite. I was hoping that this would offer better read/write speeds than my previous kit (Netgear D7800), but the result is very disappointing.


With the iMac connected directly to the Orbi router over Ethernet, I get read/write speeds of 100MB/s, but when connected to the satellite (onwards to the router via the Orbi’s dedicated wireless link), I am unable to achieve even 20MB/s.


An Ethernet connection from my iMac to the router is not possible and Home Plugs do not work owing to circuit breakers on each floor of our house. For now, I have no option but to use wi-fi. Is there a way to improve read/write speeds when my iMac is connected to the satalite?


Any/all help/suggestions will be much appreciated,



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Re: Very slow read/write speeds to NAS

I have just tried a wired connection from my iMac to the Orbi and the read/write speed are the same as over the wi-fi connection between the Orbi router and satalite. Ummm... I will now try using my original D7800 to see if I can find the root of the problem...

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