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What is the benefit of the SRK60 over RBK50


What is the benefit of the SRK60 over RBK50

What are the main benefits for the SRK60 model over the RBK50 model?

The RBK50 I can connect my macs up to the max speeds of 867MHZ

But I believe the SRK60 has an extra band for dedicated satelittle comms freeing up the 1733MHz band. Is this correct?


Just when I have GB fibre I want to get the most out of my machines ha


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Re: What is the benefit of the SRK60 over RBK50

According to the FCC filings, the RBR50 and RBR60 have the same hardware, put into different cases.  Firmware is different.  They both have the identical 5G backhaul radios that are separate from the radios servicing clients.  There is a community forum dedicated to the Orbi "Pro"https://community.netgear.com/t5/Orbi-Pro-WiFi-for-Small-Business/bd-p/en-business-pro-wifi

It might be worth a few minutes browsing the posts in that forum.


I did notice the Pro model announcing a new "ceiling mount" satellite.  It looks a lot like the gizmos we see in office buildings and hospitals, attached to the suspended ceiling panels.


Whether the different firmware produces any practical difference for a residential customer is a good question.  I have no idea.

I love my Orbi.
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