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Re: Which firmware is the most stable of RBR/RBS50


Which firmware is the most stable of RBR/RBS50

Hello, i have RBK50 system with 1 rbr50 and 3 of rbs50. It's been used from 2019 and i don't have to care about internet wifi in my house until late of 2020. From late 2022 until now, my system alway got stuck of connection via router and satallite and i have to reset and re-install my RBK50 system 1-2month per time.


I decided to downgrade firmware to a stable version. Could you give me some advise which firmware version is the best stable ? 

I read in our forum after downgrade i need to disable the auto update feature also. Which method is the best choice ?


1 method here : ( someone said that this menthod is not work , is it right )



3 more method here : 


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Re: Which firmware is the most stable of RBR/RBS50

My RBR50 router has been "up" for 102 days on the most recent firmware.  Manually installing a specific firmware version is certainly an option, but I have absolutely no idea which one might be more stable.


Since Netgear removed the telnet option from the Orbi debug page, the OpenDNS method is probably the only method to prevent automatic updates.


Perhaps if you explain more about what happens every couple of months, someone will have a solution less drastic than a manual downgrade.


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Re: Which firmware is the most stable of RBR/RBS50

after reset and reinstall system, my wifi work well
( reset 3 satallites and wait 5 minutes - reset router and wait 5 minutes - reinstall router - sync with 3 satallites )

First time after reset , no problem with wifi it works very fast and stable. After 1-2 month, sometime only 2 week. 1-2 satallite got problem. Have wifi but no internet or satallite disconected few second .. Althought the router working very good. 

For opendns method, could you give me more detail about that solution. because the instruction for opendns method in this link is not clear enought.



And one more problem with blocking update via open dns with me is i'm using google dns in my setup. If i replace the new ip address in my router setting, i can't watch my camera anymore.

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