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WiFi signal dropping on my Orbi AC3000 on my iPhone & iPad


WiFi signal dropping on my Orbi AC3000 on my iPhone & iPad

I just installed my system to replace my previous Verizon Fios router and as the instructions stated I ran my Ethernet cable from the verizon router to the Internet port on my Orbi Router RBR20 and then applied power and did the same with my Orbi Satelite RBS20 but only applying power. I then downloaded the Orbi app on my iphone and followed the instructions and completed the installation of all my and my wife's devices. However a few hours later each of us were noticing that our WiFi signals were dropping and we were required to go back into our settings and find the Orbi icon and login each time. This has happened several times each day and it is very annoying especially when you are sitting less than 5 feet from the router.


One thing I would like to mention is that when I was setting up the WiFi system a thunder storm did come up and we had several lightning strikes and two times we had a cracking sound in the vacinity of our electrical outlet and each time our WiFi went down so I a not sure if this had anything to do with what is happing now or if it may have affected the performance of the Orbi units.

Model: RBR20|Orbi AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: WiFi signal dropping on my Orbi AC3000 on my iPhone & iPad

Is your Orbi router configured for Router or AP (Access Point) mode? Try forgetting all networks in your home, on each cellphone. Then choose the Orbi Wifi and re-login. 

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