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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

Re: Wifi Connection Drops


Wifi Connection Drops



I have recently setup my Mesh network in my home. Was impressed with the coverage. 

However, i noticed that i am experiencing often Wifi drops. 


Ive even noticed it on my google home hub where it showed (Reconnecting to Wifi Network)

Any ideas? 


Model: RBR20|Orbi AC2200 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: Wifi Connection Drops

What firmware is on the router and satellites? 

What modem is it connected to? 

How close together are they? They need a minimum of 30 ft between router/satellites

What is your interior walls made of? certain materials block wifi extremely well.

have you tried enabling/disabling: beamforming, mu-mimo, fast roaming


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Re: Wifi Connection Drops

Generally speaking Orbi systems are very easy to setup and configure, but you have to have a stable internet and front end equipment and cabling, as well as proper configuration. Try changing WIFI cannels as interference plays a big role in WIFI reliability.

With that said, are you connected to an ISP modem or router or your router? Have you changed out the cable used to connect to the modem/router? Did you reboot your primary ISP modem? If you purchased your Orbi used, and now I found out if from various purchasers, new ones can be returns, it would be good to factory reset the Orbi router and satellites before install. I myself recently purchased a new Orbi Voice and it was previously configured. I could not get it to pair with my Orbi router, until I hard reset it.

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Re: Wifi Connection Drops

Initially my satelittes were connected via Wireless. Since my house is has LAN laid out in every room, i decided to connect it together via a switch which i guess might have been an issue as the router might not have had a stable reach to one of the sattelites. 


I have checked my Router and Satellites and all are running on Firmware V2.5.1.16


I have just enabled beamforming, mu-mimo and fastroaming



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Re: Wifi Connection Drops

Turn off fast roaming if you have issues with devices mjumping around. 

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