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draytek vigor 130 and Orbi (Bridge or AP)


draytek vigor 130 and Orbi (Bridge or AP)



I currently have the Orbi system RBK50 and all working fine. However i am switching to vodafone from BT and i hear that their router is no good as i have 50+ devices. Therefore i am thinking of getting the draytek vigor 130 and running this with the Orbi - my question is do i run the orbi in bridge or AP mode? Currently it is in AP mode running with the BT hub.


If i need to change the mode to bridge will this cause issues?


Many thanks,



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Re: draytek vigor 130 and Orbi (Bridge or AP)

or do i get the NETGEAR DM200 as this is cheaper? and run this as router and keep orbi in ap mode?

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Re: draytek vigor 130 and Orbi (Bridge or AP)

Modem Combo Units:
Couple of options,
1. Configure the modem for transparent bridge mode. Then use the Orbi router in router mode. You'll need to contact the ISP for help and information in regards to the modem being bridged correctly.
2. If you can't bridge the modem, disable ALL wifi radios on the modem, configure the modems DMZ for the IP address the Orbi router gets from the modem. Then you can use the Orbi router in Router mode.
3. Or disable all wifi radios on the modem and connect the Orbi router to the modem, LAN to LAN and configure AP mode on the Orbi router.


Stand alone modems are preferred.

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Re: draytek vigor 130 and Orbi (Bridge or AP)

The Draytek Vigor 130 is a modem and as such you will need to run the Orbi as the Router, not in AP mode.  I used to use the Vigor 130 when I used my BT phone line for the internet and the system worked very well.  When I switched to using EE's 4G network for internet access I changed the modem to a Netgear 4G model.

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Re: draytek vigor 130 and Orbi (Bridge or AP)

Hi Danall22 

    I run Orbi RBK50(router mode) with Draytek 130 as bridge.  Works really well - amazing the instant speed increase I got by ditching my Vodafone Connect router that I was using in place of the Draytek.  (ie. orbi used in both cases).


I had to contact Vodafone to get my username and password, then the draytek setup was automatic.  Def. recommend.





Model: RBK50| Orbi AC3000 High-Performance Tri-Band WiFi System
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