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my internet cable is coaxial


my internet cable is coaxial

It appears my internet cable that is currently plugged into my xfinity router is a coaxial cable.  Im trying to return that router and install the orbi system in our home, but the orbi requires an ethernet cable.  Is there an adapter of some kind, or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you


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Re: my internet cable is coaxial

What xfinity router is it?

Xfinity is a cable modem ISP. 

meaning they require a cable modem and then a router. 

Some of their boxes are combo devices, meaning they have an integrated modem.

Some Orbi units have this option as well. But from your statement of it not having a coaxial input, I'm doubting you bought that version. 


so what xfinity device did you have? 

What orbi setup did you buy? 

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