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question about my Orbi satellite wifi extender


question about my Orbi satellite wifi extender

I have successfully setup my Orbi in the extender mode and under the "status" it shows that it is upp and running. However I notice the words "off" above and below the replica extender and its two networks ( the 2.4 and the 5g). I  also show the Samsung smart TV as being one of the "connected devices" ubder the settings menu. 


My signal to my smart TV in my back yard is still showing very weak and that was the purpose of getting the extender to provide streamimg services.


My mbps download speed is 0.80 standing under the Orbi extender (3-4 walls and about 40ft from the inside main router) outside and is 5.10mbps upload.


Standing at the tv some 100ft away the mbps is 1.83 and the upload speed is 5.23. I shtis the best i should get ?


I'm not very tech savvy so I hope my description and terminology is correct. 


Thanks !!!!



Model: RBS50Y|High Performance AC3000 Outdoor WiFi Mesh Extender and Add-on Satellite
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Re: question about my Orbi satellite wifi extender

So that device by default, uses the 5ghz as the backhaul. (connection back to the router)

Reason why is the 5ghz is much faster and suffers from less wireless interference. 

Problem is it doesn't broadcast as far or through as much materials.

Yours is showing as a poor connection back to the router on the 5ghz. And for that reason, you can see the 2.4ghz is showing as connected but at only 144mbps (of possible 400mbps link speed possible). So even though the 2.4ghz can broadcast further and through more materials, its still connecting at a much reduced link speed. 


Basically, what I'm trying to say is either the extender is to far away from the router or to much materials are in the way for it to have a good connection to the router. 

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Re: question about my Orbi satellite wifi extender

The RBS50Y is in "extender" mode because it is not connected to a Netgear Orbi WiFi router, correct?

The diagram is showing that the 5GHz link between the RBS50Y and the WiFi router is poor, almost non-existant.

100ft is a long distance for WiFi.

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