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router testing

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router testing

Does anyone know why the Orbi app on my phone lists the satelites that are linked to the main orbi, but it will not list all the connected devices? when i go online and look at the system, all the devices are visible.


Also, does anyone know why when i do a speed test with speedtest.net or drwifi, i get download speeds of 40-50mbs and uploads of 23mbs, but when i do a speedtest using the orbi app on my iphone it shows up as 340mbs down and 23 up. the package that i have with my cable carrier is supposed to give me consistent 300mbs down and 20 up. any ideas anyone? i am just trying to figure out which reading is accurate, the speedtest and drwifi readings, or the orbi app speed test.

Model: RBK43| Orbi AC2200 WiFi System
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Re: router testing

The best speed test results will be most accurate on wired ethernet always. Wifi testing has many variables that contribute to inaccurate results. Seems like if the orbi app is seeing your ISP speeds, and drwifi isn't, I would presume this app isn't accurate. Try the Oklaa Speed Test app for iphone as well.


Also depends on your mfr device and how it's designed to support thruput speeds. Not all devices can achieve high speeds so keep this in mind.


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