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Re: wifi calling will not connect after installing Orbi


wifi calling will not connect after installing Orbi

I installed a Netgear DM200 VDSL modem and an Orbi router and 2 satellites two days ago, replacing an AC1900 Nighthawk modem/router.  I'm on router firmware version V1.9.1.6


This relates to wifi calling using a Samsung Galaxy S7 android phone.  My phone returns a message of REG99 - Unable to connect when I try to turn on wifi calling.


Wifi calling worked with the Nighthawk but does not work with the Orbi even though my phone has a wifi connection and I can browse the internet with it using wifi.  I contacted Netgear support and was blown off; the tech said that if the wifi was wortking for other devices that it would work for wifi calling and said I needed to contact Samsung.  I pointed out that the only new components in the system were the modem and Orbi, but he refused to consider the possibility that one or the other was the problem.


I've contacted Samsung (did some maintenance and a reset - no change); T-Mobile, my phone carrier (blamed the ISP - must have thought I was using their modem/router); and CenturyLink (they delivered internet to the modem and stopped there).


I'm within 3 feet of the router when trying to use my phone for wifi calling.


I need wifi calling for my basement office. Help and advice are greatly appreciated.

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Re: wifi calling will not connect after installing Orbi

hi , so is the dm200 in bridge mode as by default its in router mode and if you have setup the orbi in router mode you have dual nat and will be why its blocking the app


so you have 2 choices


bridge the dm200 and run the orbi in router mode




leave the dm200 in router mode and set the oprbi to AP mode



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Re: wifi calling will not connect after installing Orbi

I have the Orbi and I use Wifi Calling with TMobile all the time.  No issues whatsoever.  It has to be your modem.

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