Re: 'Can't find server' errors with ORBI 753


Re: 'Can't find server' errors with ORBI 753

Any progress on this? 

@macbates wrote:

Thanks for the update. I agree thatr it's definitely a problem with the Orbi, although I'm not sure if it's hardware or software. The problem is certainly not due to a slower modem, unless there's no flow control (hardware or software) or insufficient buffering in the Orbi, which is, once again, an Orbi issue. I never got a response back from Netgear support, which is another reason I returned mine.


If Netgear does acknowledge that there's a problem and fixes it I'll see about trying it again, but if not I'll have to se if there's a mesh network system that has equivalent coverage and good reliability.



My Setup (Cable 1Gbps/50Mbps)>CAX80 v2.1.3.5(Router mode/LAG Disabled) & EX7700x2
Additional NG HW: C7800/CM1100/CM1200CM2000, Orbi CBK40, CBR750, RBK953(v6.0.3.68) & XR450(v130), RBK853 v4.6.3.16(AP) & RBK752 v4.6.5.14, RBK50(v22), SXR30(v110), R7000(v34), R7800(v84), R7960P(v82), EX7500/EX7700, and WNHDE111
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