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Can't pre-order add-on RBS850 satellite

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Can't pre-order add-on RBS850 satellite

When I search for the add-on satellite, I see in the Google search results it's available for pre-order for $379.99 with an estiamted date of 4/29/2020. (See attached screenshot.) However, when I click on the link I can't pre-order. Is this a mistake? 


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Re: Can't pre-order add-on RBS850 satellite

If you actually pull up netgears RBS850 page, it shows "coming soon" for the order page. 


I'd imagine a lot of dates are slipping with the covid pandemic going on.

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Re: Can't pre-order add-on RBS850 satellite



Looks like I'm returning the 2 pack to Best Buy and I am having the 3 pack delivered Friday instead.


Silly Netgear hasn't released the satellite yet as an add-on. 

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Re: Can't pre-order add-on RBS850 satellite

Add-on Orbi WiFi6  Satellite (RBS850) AX6000 doesn't have a price now.

Thank you for the screen shot with the price. At least we have hope. 

 I got my 2 components Orbi WiFi 6 System AX6000  (RBK852) back in October can't exchange for 3 pack.

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Wired Topology RBS50---RBR 850-->RBS850--> RBS50 Ethernet backhaul
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Re: Can't pre-order add-on RBS850 satellite

Keep an eye out on Netgear's RBS850 page: https://www.netgear.com/orbi/rbs850.aspx.  It periodically becomes available and you can order one.  I purchased one on March 24 and again on April 4.  I doubt I really need 3, but I just like have a lot of satellites.  🙂


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Re: Can't pre-order add-on RBS850 satellite

Available on Netgear's site for order $379

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