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Orbi 750 firewall question


Orbi 750 firewall question

I have a polycom desk phone and I read online that I need to open specific ports - how do I do this on my orbi 750r?


This is what google says:


Polycom desk phones require this network access:

Trusted hosts Ports

www.obitalk.com80, 443
www1.obitalk.com80, 443
prov.obitalk.com80, 443
devpfs.obitalk.com80, 443
fw.obitalk.com80, 443
storage.googleapis.com80, 443


Trusted IP Address UDP TCP TLS–200006800, 10000–20000443–2000010000–20000443–2000010000–20000443–2000010000–20000443–2000010000–20000443–2000010000–20000443–2000010000–20000443–2000010000–20000443–2000010000–20000443–2000010000–20000443–2000010000–20000443–2000010000–20000443–2000010000–20000443
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