RBK853-100NAS Power Supplies


RBK853-100NAS Power Supplies

My system came with 110 Volt power supplies and I am looking to buy 220 Volt versions.  I bought my system in the US and moved to Germany.


Any idea where I can buy some new ones?


Here is the data on my current adapters:


AC Adapter

P/N 332-11093-01

Input 100 - 120 Volt 50/60 Hz 1.0 A

Output 12V   3.5A

Model AD2150F10

Type 107LF


Thanks for your support.  Doug

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Re: RBK853-100NAS Power Supplies

Please post about this over in the Orbi AX forum:


Might try looking on Amazon or contact NG support. 


Good Luck.

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Re: RBK853-100NAS Power Supplies

Netgear's PA7000P-100NAS is a worldwide power adaptor that works with the RBR/RBS router and satellite models.  It is offered by Netgear as an accessory, and by Amazon.



Model: PA7000P-100NAS|NETGEAR AC/DC Power Adapter 12V 3.5A
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Re: RBK853-100NAS Power Supplies

Cheapest way would be to use a US to Germany travel adapter. They are about $6.00 US

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