RBR 853 firmware has issues


RBR 853 firmware has issues

I recentely upgraded to the firmware from v3.2.16.22_1.4.9

Although at first glance everything appeared OK, it appears there is a serious disfunctioning has the "port forwarding" parameters are not reliably supported anymrore. I had no problem with the former firware.

My Internet connection is established using PPOE.
When rebooting the router everything is working fine: incoming traffic can successfully be routed.
However, after a while it is not the case anymore. Smiley Sad
If I reestablish the PPOE connection it works again but only for a short while.

I didn't change anything but for the firmware upgrade.
I contacted the support of my Internet Service Provider and they said they didn't change anything (of course I am not in position to verify this statement)

I am considering to roll-bak to v3.2.16.22_1.4.9

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Re: RBR 853 firmware has issues

Since I disabled uPnP, no more issue.

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Re: RBR 853 firmware has issues

you may want to post your question/cncerns here:

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Re: RBR 853 firmware has issues

The issue seems related to the UpNP feature of the router.

When I esablish the PPOE connection (reboot of router and/or ADSL brtidge) it worked fine for a while.
I searched in the Orbi logs and noticed that briefly before it stops functioning ...there is the trace:

[UPnP set event: AddPortMapping] from source 192.168.x.x, Monday, Mar 08,2021 11:04:08


This seems to come from a Foscam camera.
Strangely, if I look at the UPnP Protmap table on the Orbi, there is no trace of anything.

I suspect that the UPnP port mapping request of the Foscam camera is leading to a "corruption" of port mappings on the basis of which the router becomes deficient in handling my manua "port forward" rules as well.

This is imho a serious security issue as a single device can lead to a disfunctioning of the router.

If confirmed It is either a problem related to the firmware (as I didn't notice issues before), either a corrupte PortMap table after the firmware upgrade process (which could be resolved by doing a factory reset but I am not eager to do this as it can lead to problems).

From now on,
- I disabled UPnP on the Foscam camera (which wasn't an easy task as the process to go to their admin console is cumbersome)

- I disabled UPnP on the router as well

If the issue is disappearing I may consider reactivating the latter


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Re: RBR 853 firmware has issues

Since I disabled uPnP, no more issue.

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Re: RBR 853 firmware has issues

Be sure to make a backup configuratyion to file for safe keeping. Helps save time if a reset is needed. 


Enjoy. Smiley Wink

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