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RBR850 disable SSID broadcast feature missing, firmware V3.2.16.22


RBR850 disable SSID broadcast feature missing, firmware V3.2.16.22

Does Netgear / Orbi look at and/or respond to items written in their Netgear Community? From what I've read on the Netgear Community site related to my concern it doesn't seem like they do, yet I was told they do and provide feedback.

Since my RBR850 is still getting technical support I tried chatting with a technician and was told Netgeart made a business decision not to include. The tech stated "Initially when the device is manufactured there is an option to disable the SSID Broadcast, however Netgear made a business decision to remove "Enable SSID Broadcast" since the feature is not really needed."

The following is a quote from my on-line chat "what we can only do here is to forward this to the appropriate teams as a feature request by posting this link:https://community.netgear.com/t5/Idea-Exchange-For-Home/idb-p/idea-exchange-for-home".

I am now doing just that.

The past and current Netgear manual includes in the Router and Satelite Factory Default Settings "Broadcast SSID           Enabled", yet it is apparently NOT available.

Disabling SSID broadcasting was a feature I looked for before buying this router. I'm very disappointed that they claim to have it but don't. Something like the Boeing 737 MAX and their MCAS.

What are the chances that Netgear will respond?

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Re: RBR850 disable SSID broadcast feature missing, firmware V3.2.16.22

Please post about this here:



Good Luck. 

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