Unable to Make Client -> Server Connection On My AX5700 (RBR840) Network


Unable to Make Client -> Server Connection On My AX5700 (RBR840) Network

I have a Windows client that needs to connect to a Linux sever to run an application on the server. Since setting up the Orbi AX5700 (RBR840) Network, I cannot get this to work anymore. I can confirm that the client and server connect and in some cases it will work for awhile, but overall it is unstable and usually gives a 'cannot connect to TCP connect' type error. 


My old set up was: 1) ATT BGW210-700 Router; 2) Apple Airport Extreme; 3) Apple Time Capsule (TC) with Linux sever wired (not on the WiFi) to the TC. The TC extended the network of the Airport Extreme. And everything worked.


Now: 1) I just set up the AX5700 Tri-band Mesh WiFi 6 Router (RBR840) system; 2) I am still using the ATT router; 3) The Orbi router connects to it and runs in AP mode; 4) The Linux server is now hardwired to the Orbi satellite. 


I also set it up where the ATT router was placed in passthrough mode and the Orbi was the acting router. In this case, on the Orbi side, the Linux server was set up on a fixed IP, along with all the necessary port forwarding needed to run the application (all these things were done on the ATT router as well when it was the acting router). 


Any thoughts on this would be helpful!




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Re: Unable to Make Client -> Server Connection On My AX5700 (RBR840) Network

  1. Are you using firmware v3.2.10.11 in Orbi? Have you seen the same issue before this software? If you get it to work sometimes and then it disconnects, then it can be related to the connection-oriented session issue that is now reported in v. Please try to downgrade to v3.1.5.23 and see if you will keep seeing the same issue.
  2. What do you get if you run tracert from the linux server?

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