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iPhone losing DCHP from ORBI Pro SXS80 and changing over to 5G/4G


iPhone losing DCHP from ORBI Pro SXS80 and changing over to 5G/4G


Issue with iPhone loosing DCHP from ORBI Pro and changing over to 4G/5G





For about 10 year I have had a Huawei HG658, which is now connected to my VDSL2 connection and two Apple Airport Routers for WiFi.


They were set up with a Hidden SSID and about 35 attached devices, 3 of them wired.

Apart from being a bit slow for transferring files around the network, it… most of the time works flawlessly.





Last month I thought to speed everything up and got myself an ORBI Pro SXS80 with Satellite, as the standard ORBI didn’t have option to hide the SSID which I wanted to do.


For weeks now I have battled with the issue of my iPhone 12 (now with iOS 15) keeping what seems to be connected to wifi, but dropping its assigned IP address and switching over to 4g/5g.


If I leave it for 20seconds of so, it sometimes switches back or I have to turn off and on wifi to get it to reconnected.


This issue may not happen for hours, then it can happen constantly as I am watching the wifi details and the assigned IP address disappear. It then gets assigned an OPTUS ip, then switches back to my assigned wifi ip.


I have even created multiple ssid, and can watch it, as it bounces between wireless connections on my router.


Checking the Attached Devices page and looking at the Association Time list, out of about 30 items, it is only the iPhone which has the smallest uptime as it keeps on disconnecting.


I have used my parents wifi, friends wifi for hours and this never seems to happen on theirs. Seems to be an issue with my ORBI Pro.



I now have 3 wireless connections (which the issue happens on all 3).


ORBI PRO is set to ROUTER, not AP


Network 1 - Main Network (95% of items connected to this one)

2.4 GHz Channel - Auto

5 GHz - 44 

Security - WPA-PSK [AES]

SSID - Hidden

VLAN Profile - Off

LAN SETUP - Every item on my network has address reservations



Network 2

Security - WPA-PSK [AES]

SSID - Broadcast

VLAN Profile - Off



Network 3

Security - WPA3 - Personall

SSID - Broadcast

VLAN Profile - Off



WAN Setup

Disable IGMP Proxying is ON and set to AUTO

MTU Size - 1492 Bytes

NAT Filtering - OPEN (was set to Secured last night, thought id give it a go and change it)


MAC ACL - Disabled

Access Control - Enables for all new devices


Router Firmware Version - V3.2.6.102

Dynamic DNS - not used

VPN is off

IPv6 - disabled


Sorry.. not sure what may be useful so I have given as much info as possible as this is my first post.


Any suggestion Community, as I’m going crazy.



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