rbr850 daisy chaining


rbr850 daisy chaining



i have just upgraded from rbr50  and cannot find how to turn off daisy chaining  - not in the wireless settings options....

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Re: rbr850 daisy chaining

Few of us who participate in this forum have any experience with the new "AX" series Orbi products*.  On the WiFi5 residential product that we have, Daisy Chain is on the Advanced Tab, Advanced Settings, Wireless Settings.

If your Orbi does is different, you will probably get good advice by posting on the AX forum: 


*For example, I have no idea if Daisy Chain on/off is even an option on the AX product, as I have never touched one.  There is probably a User Manual on the Netgear support site.

I love my Orbi.
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Re: rbr850 daisy chaining

Daisy Chain is enabled and working by default on Orbi AX. Placement will be key if you need it to work or not. 

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