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FW -> update path, FYI


FW -> update path, FYI

For whatever reason the .3001 version (which has the Pixel 8 Pro hotfix), has worked fine for two weeks, but today couldn't keep the satellites up on either wired or wireless backhaul. Constantly cycling through Syncing/Optimizing and flashing white LEDs on the satellites.


When running the.3001 release, the web UI will show an update to available for the router but not for the satellites. The latest release ( is not available for download from the NG site yet, so...


My workaround for was to download/manually update the satellites with the release first, (while keeping my Pixel 8 Pro offline since this release doesn't have the pixel fix) and then once the UI showed the available for all dvcs, using Update All from the local router webpage.


Everything's running and back online for now.

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Re: FW -> update path, FYI

Glad you got it working. Please mark your thread as solved so others will know. Be sure to save off a back up configuration to file for safe keeping. Saves time if a reset is needed.
Enjoy. 📡

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