5GHZ on Orbi


5GHZ on Orbi

I am considering purchasing one fo the Orbi systems to improve our WIFI throughout our house.  We currently have a dual band ASUS router.  I am used to having two separete networks that I can assign clients to.  Will I be able to force certain clients to use the 5GHZ instead of the 2.4?  Or does Orbi decide?


Our house is over 4000 sq/ft - what model would you recommend?  One satellited would be wired into our TV for streaming.


thank you!


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Re: 5GHZ on Orbi

Orbi MESH systems are designed and intented for a single SSID name using smart connect or another name of bandsteering. Not two SSID names. The Orbi MESH systems are designed to connect each wireless device to the MESH system automatically depending upon what the device supports, so if a device only supports 2.4ghz, then it will connect to 2.4ghz. If you have a device that supports both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, then depending upon conditions, signal and range, it will connect to 5Ghz or maybe 2.4Ghz, again dependin upon conditions and such.


Others have foud unsupported means of splitting the SSID names into two however this will void any warranty with NG should it be needed. If your wanting to keep each frequency separate, then I would recommend you keep what you have and maybe get a wireless extender instead of a Orbi system. 


I have a 5000sq ft home with a 40 series system with just 1 satellite. Units placed at opposite ends, router up stairs and the satellite downstairs, 40 feet in between and have great coverage, range and performance.






My Setup ISP SparkLight | Internet Cable 1000↓/50↑ CM2000 Modem | Wifi Router RBK752(v.5) | Switches NG GS105/8 and XS505M | 

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Re: 5GHZ on Orbi


Orbi doesn't easily allow you to have different SSIDs for 5GHz and 2.4GHz.  It seems to connect to whatever bandwidth is "optimal".  For example, I have seen my IPad connecting to either 5 and 2.4 GHz at different times.  


It seems you want your clients to have Wi-Fi access but not interfere with your Wi-Fi. The Orbi allows you to enable a Guest Wi-Fi network which is independent from your regular network and has it's own SSID and password.  We use it to give our visitors Wi-Fi access.


For your size house, the Netgear website recommends the Orbi WiFi System with a Router Base and 2 Satellites.  That is what I have.  I purchased mine from Costco where it is on sale right now for $380.


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Re: 5GHZ on Orbi

You can set different SSIDs via Orbi's CLI interface, but not the GUI. Have no idea about voiding the warranty (seems like FUD to me) but it's not a hidden command or anything (enable access to the CLI via the Orbi's debug interface, telnet into the CLI interface, configure it).

You may or may not need it depending on your setup. Some other devices may not like being on different bands from each other (Echos don't like it if you're streaming to multiple rooms, for example). 


It's *ridiculous* you have to do this. But it is what it is. Netgear has bigger problems to fix with the OrbiOS, imo. 

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Re: 5GHZ on Orbi

The problem with this 5g vs 2.4g with the Orbi is usually with the setup of a device (weather station, smart this or that, e.g.) and that device uses your Iphone for the initial setup. During that setup the Iphone MUST be on 2.4g.  Orbi as described here (Mesh) will assign the Iphone to the band it believes to be the best one.  


Past work arounds has been turning the 5g signal down and/or unplugging one of more of the Sats.


Once the device setup is complete, the Iphone can return to 5g if the Orbi chooses and in most cases, the device saves the setup which is helpful IF you lose power in the house.

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