AP mode ip address assignments


AP mode ip address assignments

Considering purchase of RBK53.  I am compelled by AT&T to use their router, and I want to be certain that, in AP mode, the IP addresses for wireless hosts connected to the RBK53 devices will be assigned ip addresses by the AT&T router.

My objective is for wireless hosts to be on the same network with hosts connected to (wired) ports on the AT&T router. (I need my logitech radios to see the logitech media server that is connected to a wired port on the AT&T router.)   Please confirm that the AP mode will achieve this objective. 


I notice that the AP setup has a choice between dynamic and static IP address.  This is the address that would be assigned by the AT&T router to the RBK53, correct? 


Is there an advantage to static versus dynamic?




Model: RBK53|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi System
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Re: AP mode ip address assignments

Yes, in Access Point mode, the default is for the Orbi DHCP server to be disabled. Every device, including the Orbi units, get their IP address from the host DHCP server.


Setting a static IP address in the Orbi router is fine as long as the user is careful not to interfere with the host IP assignment process.

The most common practice is to have the Orbi units use DHCP to get an IP address and take care of any "assignment issues" on the host router.

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