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Adding NAS to RBR 50

My Apple Airport Time Capsule died.  I have an RBR 50 with one satellite which is connected to my ISP modem (arris).  One ethernet port is used by a time capsule acting as a WAP in the office (connected via 200 yd cat 5e cable) and that system is working fine, however, there's not enough room on that time capsule to back up the home computers (4).


I'd like to add a storage device to the house to replace the time capsule.  I realize the USB port doesn't work for that purpose on the RBR 50.  I need about 3TB of storage space.  I don't need cloud storage, just a simple way to back up data using time machine.  


Can someone recommend either an external storage drive that will plug into the ethernet WAN port on the RBR 50?  I'm unclear if you can use a USB/LAN adaptor - but I'm thinking that doesn't work based on the articles I've found.



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Re: Adding NAS to RBR 50

congratulations on getting ethernet to work over 200 yards, given that it is 'rated' for only 90 meters (328 feet).  Over the years, I have always found that things often work at greater distances, and it is encouraging to find that this application has succeeded.


Yes, all the inexpensive solutions offer only USB connections, which are not supported on the Orbi product line. (sigh).

There are 4TB NAS solutions (with ethernet) starting at under $200.

Something to consider is "how paranoid am I?"

The backup is to keep data safe in case the primary computer fails.

What happens if the backup drive fails?

  • No big deal. Just get a new backup and start over.
    If the primary computers are still intact, there has been "no real loss".
  • Get a NAS with RAID drives (2), so that failure of one hard drive does not mean all the data is lost.


I love my Orbi.
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Re: Adding NAS to RBR 50

@CrimpOn has hit most of the points. 

Another option I'd throw out there is if you have an old desktop sitting around, you can either install windows server to it or something like Freenas (or other 3rd party NAS software) and use your own NAS setup. 

I did that and its much higher performing and I can customize it more for home use. I think I'm running around 32TB of storage currently on it at a fraction of a cost of doing that with a premade NAS. 

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Re: Adding NAS to RBR 50

Thanks CrimpOn,


I'm looking at the Synology system, and realizing that we're in trouble if/when the other Airport TC dies, so we'll need to spend more $ to have a redundant system in 2 locations (house vs. office).  Also considering cloud at this point.  I purchased some temp USB drives just to make sure we're covered in the short term while we sort this out.  


Also, just wanted to correct myself - ethernet connection was 200' not 200 yds.


Thanks all!

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