Adding RBS20 to RBR50/RBS50 package - Would this work?

I have a RBR50/RBS50 system that works great but wanted to add one more satelite on the top floor of the house to increase the speed we are getting up there.  RBR50 in basement and RBS50 on ground floor.


The RBS50 is quite a bit more expensive than the RBS20.  I realize that the RBS20 has a slower backhaul.


I do have the ability to hard wire (ethernet) a satelite on the first floor though.  ( the current RBS50 is not wired)


So, is there a way to add the RBS20 without slowing things down?  Can I put the RBS20 on the main floor and hard wire it and then move the RBS50 to the top floor? Or can I just simply add the RBS20 to the top floor?


My internet provider package speed averages around 400mbps if that matters.  


Thanks in advance for your advise.



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Re: Adding RBS20 to RBR50/RBS50 package - Would this work?

First, YES, the RBS20 will function with the existing RBR50 and RBS50.  "No problem."


Second, where to put the RBS20 depends on several factors:

  • Where is the greatest demand, floor 1 or floor 2?
    Ordinarily, the RBS20 would be placed where there is less demand.
  • This will most likely be a "Daisy Chain" addition, where floor 2 satellite connects to floor 1 satellite, which connects to the router in the basement.  If you can connect floor 1 to the basement with ethernet, that is the optimal choice.  Connection to the added satellite will be WiFi (unless you can also string ethernet to floor 2).
  • Just to be cautious, the terms "floor", "main", "upper" have different meanings by country.  In Europe, for example, the "ground floor" and the "first floor" are different, whereas in the United States they are the same.
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Re: Adding RBS20 to RBR50/RBS50 package - Would this work?

you could do either. I'd actually try both to see which would work better. 

I prefer the hardwire option but it might reduce the speed the the RBS50 would get on the top floor because its further away. But you won't know until you try both configurations and see which works better. 

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Re: Adding RBS20 to RBR50/RBS50 package - Would this work?

What is the distance between the router and satellite(s)? 30 feet is recommended in between them to begin with depending upon building materials when wirelessly connected.

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Re: Adding RBS20 to RBR50/RBS50 package - Would this work?

The distance would be around 30 feet between each unit.


Floor 1 unit at west end of house

Floor 2 in middle of house

Floor 3 unit at east end of house

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