Airplay iHome IW1 and IW3


Airplay iHome IW1 and IW3

I have a mix of 5 iHome Airplay speakers (IW1 and IW3) that continually get kicked off the Orbi wifi at random.  They get bounced frequently enough and with such issues that there configurations get screwed up.  Having 15+ years it infrastructure background troubleshooting is something I do by day and want to avoid at night.  I spent another 2+ hours tonight troubleshooting this, ultimately giving up and moving the airport devices to an Apple Airport Extreme and the problems vanished.  I really hope that the connectivity issues that Netgrear are already working will help airplay too.  Netgear support, please help us soon, we're dieing out here.  


I love Orbi's coverage, but with the connectivity we've got lots of connectivity issues we need your help on ASAP!!!:

-drops on ios

-drops on airplay

-inability to activate mu-mimo and beamform with Nest products


If Netgear can knock these issues out the Orbi's will be rockin!

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Re: Airplay iHome IW1 and IW3

Hello Bsholbrook


Netgear is aware of these issues and are working to fix them. I have sent you a PM.



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